The Azulina Philosophy

We are driven by what happens at the dinner table, when we are surrounded by family, new friends, old friends and guests from around the world, a moment in time that fills the soul and reminds us just how rich and wonderful life is.
 We love our food to be made with love and care, best if purchased from the farmer's market down the street.

We prefer to invest in fewer, quality pieces. We let the milk (and the wine) spill, laugh about it and move on. We believe that the cook should never clean the dirty dishes and that disposable plates should be outlawed.

We try to always remind ourselves that perfect is the enemy of good and that sometimes in life, shit happens.

We don't wait to open the great wine or wear the fancy lingerie. There is no moment like now to slow down and appreciate this moment because life isn't about waiting for the perfect moment, because now is actually perfect.

We are thoughtful about how we spend our time and who we spend it with. We only say yes when it is a hell yes and we put our phones down when we are at the dinner table.
We only have this moment and we enjoy it because that is exactly what life is about.

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