Made in Colombia with Mucho Amor
Tierra Basket

Tierra Basket

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The “Cuatro Tetas” sculpture is hand woven by expert craftswomen in the pacific rainforest of Colombia. The blush-inducing name describes the voluptuous "four breasts". The artisans, displaced by rural violence ten years ago, took up weaving upon arriving to their new home and use the craft as a means for economic independence. 

One large sculpture can take up to two weeks to weave, a process that begins with gathering and drying the palm straw and then crafting it into the product you see today.

At AZULINA HOME we proudly practice slow living and fair trade principles by working directly with our artisans and paying them fair wages for their craft.

100% handmade in Colombia, with mucho amor


Straw, Ebony and Rustic Red


22" x 16" x 29"