Made in Colombia with Mucho Amor

Slow Production

We believe in slow production, cherish the art of weaving, and love the look and feel of organic textures. We like to fill our homes with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from around the globe to reflect our love for travel and design.

The AZULINA HOME handwoven rugs, baskets and textiles are made by skilled artisans in Colombia. Inspired by the clean, geometric patterns found in pre-Columbian art, our designs are modern while still staying true to our roots to create an inspiring collection of home décor accessories.

artisan made textiles and basketsIn addition to being obsessed with good design, we also want to leave a lasting legacy. Living in a time of mass production and anonymous makers, it’s our mission to always strive to be a better business; one that creates beautiful and inspiring products, supports its makers and invests in maintaining long-standing handmade traditions.

melissa moriarty founder azulina home

Thank you for being a part of our story and letting us share the beautiful art of handmade goods.


Azulina Home combines artisan weaving techniques with modern design elements to create a brand of luxury home decor inspired by its founder's global travels. The collection is 100% hand made in South America, with mucho amor.