Made in Colombia with Mucho Amor



Cuatro Tetas Baskets

It all started with a one-way plane ticket to Colombia and…

“Here is my business card, in case you change your mind and want your job back.”

At 26, AZULINA HOME founder Melissa Moriarty quit her management consulting job in Chicago and moved south to Medellín, with no other purpose than to get unstuck.


First morning in Medellín, Summer 2011 


Inspired by the local artisanal talent she saw all around her, she launched what would eventually become AZULINA HOME:

a business rooted in creating beautiful goods for the home, responsibly handmade by Colombian artisans.


“AZULINA started because of a tension I felt when I was surrounded by this wealth of handmade talent. The tension was in the gap between talent and execution.

I’m good at editing, curating and packaging — I took what was already working and elevated it.”


Founded in 2012, AZULINA works in partnership with artisan co-ops and small family-run mills to create a collection of inspiring and beautiful textiles, baskets and rugs for the modern, well traveled home.

The collection is 100% hand made in Colombia, with mucho amor.


Melissa Moriarty, Founder