3 Ways to Style Pillows on Your Couch

A good friend messaged me the other day with a question we get all the time:

“How many throw pillows should I buy to style my living room sofas? What color combos? What sizes? HELP.”

Like many things, there’s a formula to make the pillow buying process a bit easier. Keep in mind that our approach to design at Azulina Home leans more casual and less rigid, but you can swap this formula out pretty much anywhere.

And if you’re a visual person like me, I put together some images to help!

Q: What size pillows are best for a couch?

A: I love anything up to 24”, but not bigger, because they’ll likely overwhelm your couch. Feel free to mix and match sizes and don’t be afraid of a lumbar pillow!

Here we styled one 24” pillow, one 20” pillow and one 13” x 21” lumbar pillow

azulina home ivory pillow combo

Q: How many pillows should I get?

A: A good rule of thumb is to not have more pillows than the number of seats. Also! Odd numbers give more of the casual, effortless look, whereas even numbers appear more traditional.

Q: Do I buy the same pattern or should I mix and match patterns and colors?

A: Definitely prefer the "mix and match" style. In fact, I prefer the look of different decorative pillow patterns and textures, so long as they work together. Here are three different ideas you can steal. Be sure to pin this graphic for easy reference!


This is my personal preference. Three different patterns in the same colorway.

  • 2 - 24” (Chunky wool pillow)
  • 2- 24” (Cartagena pillow)
  • 1 - 20” (Bogota pillow)
  • 1 - 13” x 21” (Chunky wool lumbar)

I hope this was helpful as you style your beautiful home and make it uniquely yours. If you want to get 15% off your first pillow order at Azulina Home, sign up here!