All Things Blue

If you’re a blue lover, like we are (hello, our name is “Azulina” which means blue-ish in Spanish!!), then we have a treat for you. This week on the blog we wanted to round up all of the blues from our collection of pillows and bath mats.

If you love the calming energy of blue but struggle to find chic, minimalist decor in this color, look no further. We have an array of pillows and mats in soft, beach-inspired blue shades that offer a breath of fresh air, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a fresh start in 2024.

  1. Blue Minimalism with Pacifica Pillows
    For enthusiasts of minimalist design, our Pacifica Pillows are essential! The 24” size makes them striking focal points, whether elegantly arranged on your sofa or nestled on your bed. Opt for the lumbar size to achieve an effortlessly chic mix-and-match look with other pillow colors and sizes.

  2. Azure Texture with Chunky Wool
    If you appreciate a bit of texture in your decor, our Chunky Wool Collection is a must-try experience. Available in three sizes, including a lumbar option, these pillows seamlessly blend simplicity with a touch of luxury. The cozy woolen texture adds an extra layer of comfort, turning your space into an inviting haven for relaxation.

  3. Classic Blue Stripes
    For those who prefer the timelessness of stripes, explore our Bogota Collection in Blue. Featuring a classic light shade of blue, coupled with Ivory wool stripes, this pillow creates a clean-lined and versatile addition to any sofa or bed. It strikes the perfect balance between classic and minimalist, adding just the right amount of visual interest to any space.

A little love for your floors

If you’re looking to add touches of blue to your floors, look no further than our Cali bath mats. They not only look great but also provide a wonderful underfoot experience, thanks to their 100% cotton composition. At Azulina Home, we believe in the versatility of our handwoven rugs, making them a perfect addition to various spaces such as the laundry room, kitchen, or entry.

  1. Marled Blue Mat: With a mix of dark blue and ivory, this mat highlights a lovely dark shade of blue that’s reminiscent of stormy seas.
  2. Marine Blue Mat: Featuring a classic Marine Blue shade, this mat also features an interesting herringbone pattern.