As Seen In: 8 Tips for Designing a Stunning Malibu Beach House with Redfin

We were recently featured in Redfin! Check out the full post here. Excerpt below!

Craft a tranquil neutral palette

The color palette of the Malibu beach house mirrors the soothing tones found in its surroundings. By utilizing hues such as whites, creams, gentle beiges, and soft grays, these homes create an atmosphere of serenity reminiscent of the sand, sea, and sky. This palette evokes a sense of calm and relaxation, elevating the overall living experience.

“Incorporating textures and colors reminiscent of the serene, rugged coastline is a simple way to achieve the Malibu beach house ambiance,” suggests Azulina Home, a home decor company. “For instance, layering handwoven chunky wool pillows with upholstery furniture in harmonizing neutral, earthy tones imparts warmth and depth to your space. Designing a Malibu beach house revolves around crafting a tranquil setting that directs attention to the captivating ocean views. Opt for a light, earthy color palette and embrace natural materials, like our eco-friendly fique natural fiber rug. The objective is to reflect the soothing beach aura and infuse your interiors with the California coastal essence.”