Bringing the Beach Indoors: Your Ultimate Modern Coastal Inspo Guide

Close your eyes and imagine yourself waking up to the gentle sound of waves crashing and the warm sun peeking through your window

Sounds pretty dreamy, right? Well, you can bring that beach vacation feeling home with modern coastal designWhether you live by the coast or yearn for an ocean escape, this look is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in any room. But where do you even begin? Don't worry, wave goodbye to design woes because this post is your ultimate guide to modern coastal inspiration:

Tip #1 - Embrace the Colors of the Sea:

  • A calming palette: Mimic the hues of the ocean with a base of light blues, airy whites, and sandy beiges. These colors create a sense of serenity and spaciousness, reminiscent of the vast coastline.

Tip #2 - Let the Textures Tell a Story:

  • Natural materials: Bring the beach indoors with natural textures like woven seagrass, rattan, and fique. These elements add warmth and a touch of coastal charm to your space.
  • Soft and cozy: Layer in soft cotton throws, linen pillowcases, and woven blankets to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Items shown:

Tip #3 - Light the Way to Relaxation:

  • Natural light is key: Maximize natural light by keeping windows uncluttered and using sheer curtains. This will bring the calming effect of the outdoors into your space.
  • Warm and inviting lamps: Create a cozy ambiance with table lamps and floor lamps that emit warm white light. Opt for lamps with natural materials like wicker or seashell bases for a cohesive look.

Tip #4 - Getting modern

  • A modern coastal aesthetic embraces a clean, sophisticated edge. It's where crisp lines and geometric shapes meet the calming embrace of the ocean. Here's how to infuse your space with this modern-meets-seaside vibe:
    • Think sleek silhouettes: Trade in traditional, rolled-arm sofas for a boxy option with clean lines. A low-profile sectional in a neutral fabric adds instant modern appeal.
      Pictured: Harris Sofa from West Elm
      • Geometric play: Don't shy away from geometric patterns. Throw pillows with nautical stripes in navy and white or a woven rug with a subtle diamond pattern can add visual interest without overwhelming the space.
      Pictured: Our Cartagena pillows
          • Unexpected materials: Don't feel limited to traditional coastal materials. A travertine coffee table with its smooth, rectangular top adds a touch of modern luxury, while a metal and glass side table with clean lines injects a cool, airy feel.
          • Metallic accents: Gold or silver accents can add a touch of glam. Consider metallic table lamps, picture frames, or even cabinet hardware for a subtle nod to modern elegance.
          • Embrace the circle: Round mirrors are a trendy favorite, adding a touch of whimsy and reflecting light beautifully. Hang one above a console table or use a leaning floor mirror to create a sense of spaciousness.
        Pictured: Juno Round Mirror from Amber Interiors

          By incorporating these elements, you can transform your room into a haven of relaxation and escape, reminding you of the peace and tranquility of the ocean breeze every time you step through the door. So, dive into the world of modern coastal inspiration and create your own coastal oasis!