How to Get the Nancy Meyers Look for Your Bedroom

We cannot get enough of the interiors from Nancy Meyers films. How does she do it?! We studied some of her techniques and put together an Azulina spin, highlighting some of our favorite makers. Check it out below!

Start with Colors: Blue & Ivory

The foundation of any Nancy Meyers space is a soothing, netural-leaning color scheme. For the bedroom, we're thinking a blue and ivory palette would be perfect. Imagine waking up to walls adorned in Rule of Three Studio's mesmerizing blue marbled wallpaper. (All created 100% by hand in their Los Angeles studio!!)

Layer Textural Elements:

This might be a little out there, but trust us. Consider incorporating handcrafted tiles to your walls, like these Zellige Mosaic Tiles from Zia Tile. We’re imaging perhaps some detailing to frame the bed or your windows. 

Can’t Go Wrong with Natural Baskets:

No Nancy Meyers bedroom is complete without a touch of natural elements. We love these handwoven fique Laurel Waste Baskets from Jenni Kayne (which we, ahem, make for them!).

Add a Bit of Whimsy:

Lighting is crucial when creating the perfect bedroom space, and Visual Comfort's beautiful flower sconces will add a delicate, whimsical touch to your walls. We’re obsessed.

Create a Cozy Bed:

The perfect finishing touch for any Nancy Meyers-inspired bedroom? Our cozy handwoven pillows! Our Large Ivory Chunky Wool Lumbar Pillow will add loads of texture, while the Blue Bogota Lumbar Pillow will inject a pop of color that complements the modern coastal palette we’re aiming for. 

Get the Look:

Ready to create your own Nancy Meyers retreat? Here's the shopping list:

So, what are you waiting for? Channel your inner Nancy Meyers and create a bedroom that's the epitome of relaxation and style.