Introducing: The "One and Done" Pillow

We’re so excited to launch our newest pillow, and we’re calling it the “One and Done” lumbar.

In 2024 we are looking to keep things simple, both in life and in design, which is why we decided to create a single pillow that can style your bed without analysis paralysis. We’ve all been there!

Here are three reasons we love it and think you will too!:

  1. Super easy to style 

Don’t have time to meticulously arrange and coordinate multiple pillows to achieve the perfect bed ensemble? Neither do we. The "One and Done" Pillow brings an air of effortless style to your space with its sleek design and generous size. Boom - you’re done with just one pillow.

  1. Available in a Full/Queen or King Size

We designed the one and done pillow to fit both a full/queen bed (14” x 36”) and a king bed (12” x 48”). Or you can throw the rules out the window like me, as I personally style the 12” x 48” on my Queen bed for full coverage. It is currently available in three colors, Ivory, Chestnut Brown and Black.

  1. Practical

It’s not just pretty, this lumbar pillow also offers legit lumbar support. Its large size ensures optimal comfort while lounging or reading in bed. The plush filling strikes the perfect balance between support and coziness, making it a practical addition to your bed.

How to Style the "One and Done" Pillow

  1. Solo Statement: Let the "One and Done" Pillow shine on its own as a statement piece, centrally placed on your bed. Its size and design will draw attention, creating a stylish focal point.
  2. Layered Luxury: Okay okay, you can’t let go of all your gorgeous pillows. We get it. The extra long lumbar also looks great with other pillows. We recommend styling 2-3 24” square pillows behind the lumbar for an extra plush look. 
  3. Color Coordination: Choose a "One and Done" Pillow that complements your existing bedding or contrasts for a pop of color.